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Coastal Rowing Project
We all have dreams of things we would like to achieve; how rare and sweet it is
to live the dream! For me, it was the timing.

I havebeen wanting to get out rowing on the sea for years, but Scotland’s coastal rowing scene has been limited to the Shetland Isles, and a couple of small pockets of die-hards keeping the traditions alive from the clubs which thrived in the late 19th Century, but slowly and sadly sank into oblivion as the 20th Century
ran on.

Kids Model Boat Building
Some days I think 30 years of involvement with small boats really has been a waste of life. Making toys for people, or, helping people
make their own toys.

While others quietly occupy themselves as carers, medical researchers, fire-fighters ambulance drivers, cleaners, nurses, refugee advocates, volunteers. Truly useful people. Read More>>>

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Just launched!

Ian and Heather MCDonald's new NIS 23 'Rachel', sailing at Outer Harbour, South Australia.

Rachel is the youngest of Ian's three children.  The others have already had boats named after them!



Fun in Bass Strait

Ross I'd rather be sailing than sanding' Henderson built his Norwalk Islands Sharpies 23 'Lupan' a few years ago.

It is not chippendale, as he promised, but it looks great from 10 meters, and he is out there doing it in some of the most hairy water in the world. Racing, every weekend in Bass Strait, while many of the rest of us are still sanding and polishing, and worrying if someone might think it not sleek enough for the Boat Show and armchair dilettantes that infest these events!