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NEW!! All in One NIS Study Book!
All new Full Colour NIS Study Book!  
69 page large (A3) format, spiral bound covering NIS 5.8, NIS 7, NIS 8, NIS 10.5 and NIS 13.
Also contains A4 format book of NIS  building, sailing and even open water experiences.  Detailed 2020 costings on kits and components for NIS 5.8, 7 and 8, and indicative construction times for all of the range.
PLUS A3 Colour Study posters for all of the sizes.

Missie Lee - NIS 18 Cat Yawl

Just Launched!

Ian and Heather MCDonald's new NIS 23 'Rachel', sailing at Outer Harbour, South Australia.

Rachel is the youngest of Ian's three children.  The others have already had boats named after them!

Ian and Heather are able to easily trail their boat to the sea, pack it up and take it home using our carefully developed folding  masts system.

Ian and Heather scratch built 'Rachel' over the past nine years or so.

Knowing what they now know, Ian says he would strongly recommend the Mk2 kit next time around, and making sure that you fully prepare and coat your components before assembly into the hull.  Saves massive amounts of time and hassle later.
But the, we didn't have the kits back in 2003!


Fun in Bass Strait

Ross I'd rather be sailing than sanding' Henderson built his Norwalk Islands Sharpies 23 'Lupan' a few year ago.

It is not Chippendale, as he promised, but it looks great from 10 meters, and he is out there doing it in some of the most hairy water in the world. Racing, every weekend in Bass Strait, while many of the rest of us are still sanding and polishing, and worrying if someone might think it not sleek enough for the Boat Show and armchair dilettantes that infest these events!

Along the way, Ross has emphatically proven the boat; the carbon masts, the tabernacles and the mast folding system.  On one occasion he rolled the boat once while rounding a buoy in heavy water, proving:

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Charlie Fisher in Bass Straight 1

Charlie Fisher in Bass Straight 2

Charlie Fisher in Bass Straight

NIS 18 Ketch

Look Sharp

Auatralian Amatuer Boat Builder
Sept '09
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 1 yes it does self right nicely, 
2, you CAN lay it down with the hatches open in a seaway, and have no water come in, and 
3 NOTHING seems to break when you do!
4 His 9 year old crew member (grandson overboard!) can swim fast when he wants to return to the boat.

These pictures show Ross at the helm, cruising home after a day at the races.

Love the style!  Love his work!

Ross:  'Shots taken from breakwater at end of a sat afternoon race at Leven Yacht Club, started in about 18 kts but built to 30 kts plus gusts. Quite a few retirements of course but once we put the second reef in the main the boat was brilliant, we went playing after the finish. The boat absolutely powered to windward, dry, balanced and fast, no slowing in the 2m seas and off the wind still balanced, stable and fully under control and surfing. It was just plain fun, probably the most comfortable I ever felt in those conditions. Cheers Ross


Norwalk Islands Sharpie
NIS 23 Charlie Fisher and NIS 18 Clancy at 2010 Melb Wooden Boat festival

Norwalk Islands Sharpie
NIS 23 Charlie Fisher, sailing on Lake Macquarie 2006

Phil Boger's self steering Micro, retro fitted with one of our carbon masts (approx 1/4 weight of original wooden one), sailing.
Ross Lillistone did the excellent retro fit.